SharePoint API call for retrieving comments (append-only)

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I am trying to find an API that retrieves all comments from "Append-Only Comment" field. I couldn't find one API that would return all the previous comments, modified date, and the modified-by user. API that returns data from change log only returns the last comment and GetListItemChangeSinceToken API call only returns the last change even when there are more than one change happened since the last token. The version history required parsing html which I prefer not to use. If you happen to know an API call that could possibly solve my problem, please let me know. Thanks!

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I have the same issue/question.


I'm using REST to pull all the tasks from a task list. I added a multi line text column called Notes. For some reason the REST result is not returning every note. When I'm looking at the list item the Out of the Box way the note appears, but it isn't returned with the REST query.

I believe what you are looking for 'GetVersionCollection' operation.  Here is a javascript example: