SharePoint addins compatibility with the modern team sites experience

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Hi Community,

I am confused that whether SharePoint Addins will be supported in the new modren experience or not? As per the following link ( , the blogger says they will not be supported in the modren team site experience? Should we still go for the development of add-ins as the new SharePoint framework is still not commercially launched?

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Yeap...indeed you are right in regards of the confusion you get after reading the article. My 2 cets here: IMHO, you can absolutely create SharePoint Add-ins for SPO, deploy to your SPO tenant and use the Add-ins deployed and installed from the Site contents page…but what is not supported (that’s an assumption) is to add Add-in parts to modern pages in modern team sites…so if you use all SPO pages, you should be able to add Add-in parts there cc @Vesa Juvonen @Waldek Mastykarz

Just to clarify. Add-ins are not going to go away. Client-based web parts is additional capability available for the customers and partners to take advantage. Add-in model implementations will be supported in both classic and modern UI experiences.