SharePoint 2019 - Third Party Xml iFilters

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My department recently completed an on-premises installation of SharePoint 2019. We are mainly going to be crawling xml files


Certain metadata fields are not being crawled (they are not only not being mapped to managed properties, they are not being crawled at all). In a previous installation of SharePoint, we purchased an xml iFIlter from iFIlterShop which allowed us to crawl all the metadata fields we needed. 


Before we go ahead and purchase an xml iFIlter from iFilterShop that supports SharePoint 2019, I just wanted to ask a couple basic questions

  • Is there a way to tweak the built in xml iFIlter of SharePoint 2019 to do what 3rd party xml filters do (pick up these extra items, such as certain metadata,  not crawled by default by SharePoint)?
  • If not, what other xml iFilter vendors exist out there besides iFilterShop? I wanted to broaden the scope of my research but have only come upon that company, no matter how much I try to see what other players are out there. 

Thank you for any thoughts/feedback on this matter. 










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