Sharepoint 2019 - single sign on not working as expected

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A customer had Sharepoint 2013 which we had migrated to Sharepoint 2019.

We did migration in approach Sharepoint 2013 -> Sharepoint 2016 -> Sharepoint 2019.

Sharepoint 2019 is with latest updates.

They have only 1 web application.


We had added also on this webapplication that they can access with link http://sitename.domain.local

On this second URL they get a pop up they need to enter credentials (no matter which browser they use, chrome, edge, etc), but if they go to http://sitename, they gets logged into automatically into the site.


Let's ignore that fact that they do not have (yet) https configured, but can somebody please try to direct me where to look, why http://sitename is ok, and why http://sitename.domain.local asks for credentials to enter.


Thank you.

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