Sharepoint 2019 on-Premise provide page template?

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We're using Sharepoint 2019 on-Premise and want to save some site pages as page template. However, we couldn't see "Save as page template" when we hit "Publish" or "Promote" button. Doesn't it provide this feature? Or missing some feature disabled? Thanks.

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Hi @Tony_Tong 

as far as I know, there is not this feature in SharePoint 2019, it is only available on SharePoint Online. 

( Official Docs ). 

Btw you are lucky ;) some months ago I think about this feature and I wrote a sample SPFx extension. Here  you can find my blog post. Source code it is also available on SharePoint Github repos .

Here you can find a YouTube video, where I explained my solution, both from a functional and a technical point of view.


I hope you find it useful, it is certainly a good starting point to have this feature in on-premise environment.


Thank you, @Federico Porceddu ! I'll look through these resources you provided. Thanks.

Hi @Tony_Tong 

you're welcome :)

Let me know if you need extensive help :)