Sharepoint 2019 Enterprise Licensing

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Hi Team, Can you please help me to understand the below points wrt Sharepoint 2019 Environment setup


1. Is CAL Licence is mandatory for SharePoint 2019 product?

2. What is the benefit for CAL licence w.r.t pricing model, Is it one time purchase?

3. When  to go with Sharepoint 2016 and Sharepoint 2019?

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Hi Hasib,
Please, see my comments bellow:
1) Yes. You will need a CAL for every corporate user / device accessing to the SharePoint 2019 environment.
2) Yes. It's a one time purchase, you can purchase additional CALs later if required
3) SharePoint 2019 was released three months ago so now is a good time to start thinking on moving from SP 2016 to SP 2019
Do you have any Ide on pricing model. Can you please share the pricing comparison for 50 users for Sharepoint 2019 and Sharepoint 2016 enterprise version.