SharePoint 2019 Documents library web part restrictions

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We have the following issue. Let's imagine that we have a modern page in SharePoint Online. I add a Documents web part on this page and it works well. Moreover, if I open the web part's properties I can see the "Hide command bar" property which allows me to show or hide a command bar for this web part. At the same time, if we add a Documents web part on the modern page in SharePoint 2019 we can's see this property ("Hide command bar"). And the command bar is always hidden. So, we need to be able to show the command bar in the Documents web part in SharePoint 2019. Perhaps there are some settings or something like that to enable that functionality. It is very important for us.
Also it concerns other functionality, like deleting and uploading files, sharing, etc. It seems that in SharePoint 2019 this web part can just show the list of documents. At the same time, in SP Online, this web part supports full functionality, as well as a default list view. It's sad.
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