Sharepoint 2019- develop Visual webpart with SQL database

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We are planning to implement SharePoint 2019 on-prem to replace the existing SP 2010 intranet. we have a few SP visual webparts with SQL data sources that were build using . we like to know if it is possible to migrate SP2010 .wsp solution to SP2019 (webpart -server-side /Client side) or any clear guidelines/instructions on how to develop visual webpart solutions (with SQL database) for SP 2019 on-premise.

I do apologize for my lack of understanding of all this different framework. Thanks in advance

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You won't be able to fully migrate
The best solution would be to create a REST API to expose the data from the SQL database and then create a SharePoint framework solution to consume that data

@Joel Rodrigues 

Thanks for your valuable reply. looks like it is over complicated what SP2010 used to do. simply develop and hosting solutions for business with any databases.

it's really frustrating Microsoft overkill product without any road map. I’m not sure what is going be the reaction from millions of businesses and developers spend time and money into Microsoft now they can’t do very simple basic solutions without over complicating. 

also, I can’t find any MS guideline (look like no one knows in MS)or step by step documentation for how to develop SP 2019 Hosted APP that’s work with external API  without using beloved azure.

Appreciate if you can provide any documentation.  

Thanks again for your reply

This actually may sound more complex in the beginning, but it's a lot easier in practice as Microsoft does a lot of the work behind the scenes.
Previous development models (like we had in SharePoint 2010) were simply not feasible and reliable for scaling to the cloud level.

Check out this video as an example for your scenario

In summary, if your secure your API with Azure AD, which you can easily do, you can then consume the API from a SharePoint framework solution without having to fully handle the authentication. It's done behind the scenes.

I think another option could be to use PowerApps and connect directly to the SQL database, but I haven't done that yet so perhaps someone else could comment on that.

@Joel Rodrigues  Thanks for your reply and the link. looks like lost of issues getting user authenticated to start with. it's using stage hammer to crack an egg.

I'm only looking at Sp2019 On-premise server farm not  SP online (cloud ) !

we don't see any use case going with cloud for webpart we have with all the limitations red tag with SPOnline .that's why most of the businesses like us stay away from SP online.

with new SP2019 On-premise we though we have a hope to migrate aging Intranet but it seems that it just falls hope and not worth investing time and money on MS making over complex and hard manage solutions for an organization like us.

anyway, thanks for your valuable reply.