sharepoint 2016 and visual studio 2010

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Hi i have sharepoint 2016 installed and i want to develop sharepoint seqential workflows which are only available in Visual studio 2010. i tried created a new project but the VS is saying Sharepoint is not installed on the server. how to get around the issue? i need to develop 2010 Workflows which are compatible on 2016 SP. any help is appreciated. 


so far i copied 14 hive in regedit and copied to 2016 SP server.  it did work but the workflow says it cannot connect to the local SP website.??

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Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools don't support SP 2016 Development. You need a higher version of Visual Studio

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Hi Could you tell me which version of VS i should use which has the sequential workflow template available in them? i tried VS 2017 and it doesnt have those templates.  Thanks in advance