SharePoint 2013 workflow starting SP2010 workflow with impersonation step generates an error

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I have a custom list in SharePoint Online that has several different workflows.  One of the SP2013 workflows starts a SP2010 workflow that has an impersonation step so it can update permissions.


I have 2 different SP2010 impersonation workflows that I may start depending on the circumstances.  I recently republished those workflows.  Now the one that was published last can be called successfully.  The one that was not published last, when called by the SP2013 workflow generates the following error:

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled in less than one minute. Details of last request: HTTP BadRequest to <siteURL>/_api/SP.WorkflowServices.InteropService.Current/StartWorkflow


I have confirmed that the account that I am using when I publish the 2010 workflow is in the owners group and still has full control access to the list in question.


I have other lists set up similarly and the workflows work just fine.  I have a total of 3 lists that has this situation.  I have been trying to find a common denominator but haven't yet.


Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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