SharePoint 2013: Using WPQ2FormCtx to read list item information [FAIL]

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Hi every one,

One day, i had just read one topic [SharePoint 2013: Using WPQ2FormCtx to read list item information]- which holds plenty of useful information and i applied one in my code and it works perfectly.

And boom right now, my page go die. I don't know why and i start tracing and debugging my code on my custom webpart. The "WPQ2FormCtx" object isn't exist in my source anymore, it changed to WPQ3FormCtx . 

Any one have an idea about this. I wonder Microsoft updated some stuff?.

Can anyone give me a clue, a way to get the name of this object. Or the way you used to read list item information.


Have a nice day



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@Zwartlk AFAIK, this is technically an internal value that is subject to change.  What it seems like happened, is the page was edited at some point and a web part was changed/modified, and it created a new context variable.