SharePoint 2013 top linkbar navigation drop-down limit

In SharePoint 2013, I found that it is supporting only one level deep on drop downs .2nd level or 3rd level sub-sites navigation is not shown. I tried editing "MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels" in seattle.master. But unfortunately nothing changed. Can anyone help me?
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What nav provider are you using? i.e. flipping the value on the Masterpage removes the cap but you'll still need to push a 3+multi-tier navigation source for it... easiest way to do this ootb would be changing the navigation to using managed metadata and building a term set.
I tried creating a managed metadata and termset. It worked fine.But when there are multiple subsites and n levels of sites under them,it is difficult to create terms for each.
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So first step, MP config cap raised check/works :)


Now you get to pick your preference [OOTB stuff first]:


-MMD nav provider provides a customizable centralized management but can be tedious


-More native, using the default site/structured data nav is simpler but management is dispersed, site will nest if you align the stars of sites being parents/children and each of their nav's is properly configured. IMO, turns into a chaotic juggling act


-Back to MMD, the autopop somewhat auto populating option would be to manage a catalog, overview here w/video 


Could create custom configs obviously that do all kinds of funky things but you're gonna need alotta JS and custom injection or MPs from here... ie, there could be a list at the root that you can manually populate, when the MP or Page Layout loads, it looks at the list, it rest calls and iterated through sites and pages in the Farm, SC, other SCs, whatever... cooks all the items from the list and web svcs together, sorts, filters and populates the nav with magic/logic. But you would need to build that :)