Sharepoint 2010 Workflow can no longer be published on Sharepoint 2013 for our Online site

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Dear all, 


 we run a SharePoint Online site, where we have a number of workflows (2010) running mainly to generate documents etc in our automated workflows. All has been working fine, till today, when we had some modifications we wanted to execute on some of the 2010 workflows. We are using Sharepoint designer 2013. When saving the workflow, there are no issues, but when we try to publish we get an error (see attached) [Unexpected error on server associating the workflow]


Skärmklipp 2019-03-11 10.37.18.png

Right now, we´re at a standstill, and I can not find any real relevant information online on this. Some "older" stuff on temporary files etc have been reviewed, but without success. 


Pretty desperate now to get some help - Everything is much appreciated. 

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Our Service Health Dashboard has an entry for this:


SP175429 - Unable to edit existing workflows or create new workflows

Status: Service degradation
User impact: Users are unable to edit workflows or create new workflows in SharePoint 2010 using Designer and other protocols.
Title: Unable to edit existing workflows or create new workflows
User Impact: Users are unable to edit workflows or create new workflows in SharePoint 2010 using Designer and other protocols. 
More info: Users may receive the error: "Unexpected error on server associating the workflow," and "Errors were found when compiling the workflow. The Workflow files were saved but cannot run." 
Current status: We're making progress on our development of a viable mitigation; though, we continue to expect that it may take an extended period of time to complete. We do anticipate that we'll have a timeline for delivery within the next few days. 
Scope of impact: Impact is specific to SharePoint 2010 workflows. Any user attempting to edit existing workflows or create new workflows may be affected by this event. 
Next update by: Monday, March 11, 2019, at 8:00 PM UTC

Hi Kelly

Do we have any updates to this issue? few workflows in our production system are impacted.

+1 can we please have an update on resolving this.  I've spent half a day isolating the issue to "not me" and was fortunate enough to find this post through Google.


These types of major issues deserve broader visibility to the affected people.  It first occurred on Friday last week.

We have the same problem on our tenant.
I can't edit any 2010 workflow or publish new ones.  I really hope that MS solve soon this problem.




It's actually worse for us - I have broken a business critical workflow by attempting to publish an updated version of it last week - due to the outage it is now no longer associated to the list, and cannot be run (it just gives a blank page with a "\" at the top of it).

This has/is been extremely poorly managed by Microsoft. We´ve got business critical workflows as well that are now no longer operational. And, there is very Little Comfort in the data shared by Microsoft on when this issue is fixed. Makes us reconsider using Sharepoint onward, as our financial loss for this outtage is quite considerable. 

Hi Kelly, 


  i find it remarkable that this type of issue can occur. I Believe not only our business but many other is also getting damaged by this kind of outtage. We´ve got business critical processes that are at standstill, causing significant financial/business damage. 

To his credit, I don't think that @Deleted works for Microsoft, but he does have access to Microsoft's service health dashboard (which I don't have and they don't publish online that I know of).


It is very poor service and service integration that there can be a global outage of this, which has lasted so long (coming up to a week now) with neither a public disclosure nor a private disclosure that permeates down to me as a business user / site collection admin (which is a service management integration issue between my support organisation and Microsoft, which exists in most if not all of their large corporate customers).


I also still don't understand why there is still a core functionality gap between SharePoint 2010 workflows and their replacements (2013 workflows and Flow) which also means we can't avoid relying on them to function - and have no possible workaround during this outage.

And not chasing @Deleted - meerly venting frustation :) 

Does anybody following this thread have access to the Microsoft dashboard with the resolution status?

No change in status that I can see.  Still basically "we are working on it" and that's it.

Hey everyone - @DenisCheong is right.  I'm just a Microsoft customer like the rest of you. :)


What I shared was the message that I saw in our Office 365 tenant's service health dashboard.


Currently, the message I see has this as the current status (Updated: 2019-03-11 19:08 (UTC)):


Current status: Our work to develop a mitigation solution is progressing as expected and is being treated at the highest priority. We'll provide a timeline for mitigation as soon as it becomes available.

"as expected"

Yep, pretty much. A five day+ outage of core functionality is what we have come to expect.

Nothing changes. Any other news about the timing about the resolution of this issue?
Any workaround?
I'm just migrate an intranet from on premise to cloud and tomorrow I'll start the training to the staff. It's not a good starting point what is happening. I hope MS guys understand soon as possible that for us who work with Sp it's difficult to explain to the rest of the world what is happening. Im sure that the trouble will be solved. But it's not a good thing that no one of us knows why that was happen and when MS will solve the problem. We have to explain it to other people. All the best. D.

We have the same problem on our tenant.
After trying to publish the workflow, the workflows are now not working as expected.
I'm getting the below error:
Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled after 3/13/2019 8:54 AM. Details of last request: HTTP BadRequest to https://tenant/sites/SiteCollection/_api/SP.WorkflowServices.InteropService.Current/StartWorkflow Correlation Id: a351b5ff-0af8-84e8-a2ad-446ba66c7012 Instance Id: 9dd661b4-a031-474e-ade4-c4b9ba58b6c2

Also disappointed with the management of this issue. I do have access to the Health Service for our tenant and there is nothing posted about this incident. Being unaware of the current situation, we tried to publish updates to several SP2010 workflows, which are now broken.


Feels very much like Microsoft is trying to hide this issue, which is having a huge impact on many businesses. And we do still need SP2010 workflows since both Flow and SP2013 are lacking some of the same functionality. 

Well it's now officially a full week without this working, and we have ... nothing.  No update, no ETR, just crickets, and nothing from my own organisation's "support" function.


I'm keen to understand how everyone else is dealing with the outage, what workarounds have you implemented - and how successful have they been?


Why are you still relying on SharePoint 2010 workflows?


For us - these are all new workflows developed in the last 12 months that require functionality that is only available in SharePoint 2010 workflows - creation of Document Sets (actually of content types derived from document sets, not document sets per se) and InfoPath forms-based input (for which there is still no sensible replacement available to me).