SharePoint 2010 Development in Azure DevTestLabs

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We have huge on-prem SharePoint 2010 Farm setup, planning to move them slowly towards cloud. Choosed O365 for hosting SharePoint sites and Azure for hosting all custom business logics in the form of Web App, Web Job, Web Hook, Web API... but at the same time we want our current development environment(SP2010) also to be moved to Azure DevTestLab as we need to maintain highly customised site in on-prem environment for some time.


Please clarify below queries.


1. Can 200GB VM image(VHD) be moved/copied to DevTestLab?


2. Is my company need to pay for storage of the VM images which copied from On-prem to DevTestLab? If Yes, Please share the pricing chart.


3. Looks the DevTestLab VM image(Standard A5) running and responding slowly. can it be addressed and solved?


4. We have all our source code in TFS 2013 including Build Agent and Controller. Are there any possibilities to setup Build Agent and Controller in Azure?


Thanks in advance,

K Senthilrajan

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