SharedByUser and SharedWithUsers properties of ChangeItem class not populated


I'm using v16.1.6112.1200 of the Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM package in a .Net 4.6.1 console application. I am not seeing values for SharedByUser and SharedWithUsers properties on a ChangeItem object that is retrieved from an SPO tenant.


According to this un-dated blog post (and the comments attached), the properties seem to be added some time ago and should work. My ChangeItem is of type AssignementAdd, so I would expect to see non-null values.


For reference, I've attached a picture of the Visual Studio variable viewer window showing the ObjectData of the item returned from SPO after the Load() and ExecuteQuery() calls.



 Is this a bug? Where is the best place (currently) to report it? Otherwise, guidance on retrieving those properties would be appreciated.



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