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Hi i am very new to sharepoint.
i was able to access the sharepoint online services via REST API's.
I am Node.js programmer.

Can any one please help me out with or give some advice on how to access the resources which are on an On-Premise share point via REST api's, or should i create the REST services for it.
Any help would be great.

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Hey Harish,


There are a plenty of libraries for SharePoint and Node.js.

I can highlight a couple that might be handy:


node-sp-auth - make it seamless authenticating almost any SharePoint environment (node-sp-auth-config is a recommended wrapper which provides prompts interface for credential parameters)

sp-request - is an http request library making it easy of calling authenticated request to any SharePoint web services

sp-jsom-node - allows using JSOM (JavaScript Client-Side Object Model) in Node.js process

sp-pnp-node - Node.js wrapper for PnP JS Core, which is easy to go wrapper library for SharePoint REST API


Feel free to call a help in a community Gitter chat. There is always somebody ready to help with SharePoint-API-Node stuff.