Setting up CDN on Sharepoint Online for use with Framework development

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there is currently rather conflicting training advice for new SPFx developers. Can anyone confirm what is the correct guidance for this setup please? I have found these two completely different guidance docs.


in "General availability of Office 365 CDN" Vesa Juvonen - Published April 21, 2017
this proposes the command set

Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public
Add-SPOTenantCdnOrigin -CdnType Public -OriginUrl /sites/site/library
Get-SPOTenantCdnOrigins -CdnType Public
resulting in<tenant host name>/sites/site/library


then in the latest promoted developer training video
Deploying SharePoint Framework components to production - Deploying to SharePoint CDN

this proposes a different command set (earlier?)
Set-SPOTenant -PublicCdnEnabled $true
New-SPOPublicCdnOrigin Url: https://<tenant host name>/sites/site/library
resulting in<tenant host name>/1544004027c884490c55638fcb53de1f5d4897c5ea7513c1c0849dd7d8f4314cbda99429


both command sets appear to run in the latest Sharepoint Online Command shell


thanks all

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Hi Kath,

they did change how it was done, I have recently followed this article and works perfectly for me:

you are quite right, I have tried both methods now and the one that works is


Connect-SPOService -Url https://<my tenant admin>

Get-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public

Add-SPOTenantCdnOrigin -CdnType Public -OriginUrl sites/spfxdev/devcdn


the CDN base path is then



please team could someone pull the old guidance?