Setting alerts on custom list views

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Every now and then, a user earns the distinction of being the first person to ask me that particular question. This is one of those times... this user, who is a site collection admin, is trying to set alerts on custom views in a list. There are 4 custom view, but only 2 appear in the dropdown list. There is an option to "Send an alert when: Someone changes an item that appears in the following view" ... and a dropdown list that only lists 2 views. I checked and she's correct. It works that way in Chrome and IE11. Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone know the solution?

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Are the missing views filtered by any chance? I've seen this where the views have a filter by content type, you cannot set an alert on them unfortunately.

@Deleted - I know you posted this long ago,  what did you learn?  I am wondering if the Alert functionality has 'fallen off the truck' but it is still exposed in the SharePoint Online UI.  I will search for some more posts related to Alerts.   Thanks - Greg