Set-SPOOrgNewsSite - Not a valid site url for organization news site.

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I have migrated a classic publishing enabled site to Communication Site. I tried disabling and enabling the publishing feature. 


The command Set-SPOOrgNewsSite is throwing the below error.


Not a valid site url for organization news site. Either site pages feature is disabled or publishing feature is enabled

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@Sajith G H I am having the same problem - not a valid site url for an organizational news site.  Did you ever figure it out?

The same thing happened to me and disabling the SharePoint Server Publishing site feature didn't fix it. It'd be helpful to know if disabling the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature would resolve this issue but it's not an option for us.


It'd also be great to understand why publishing needs to be disabled for this to work. If Microsoft had any established upcoming plans to decommission the classic experience, that would explain why they'd be discouraging the use of the publishing features which are strongly tied to the classic experience. Clearly, they'd want to steer their clients to the modern experience if that were the current situation. But that's not the case, so requiring the publishing feature at site collection level or even site level makes no sense.