Self service site creation with Provisioning.UX.App


Ho folks,


I'm currently trying to get the reference application to establish a site collection creation self service on SharePoint 2016 OnPremise and SharePoint Online running.


At all this seems quite cumbersome because the documentation itself is not very detailed and for some parts it doesn't seem to fit the current state of the source code.


So I got a few questions.


  • Did anyone got this provider hosted add-in running and working as expected and can share some insight?
  • What do I have to do with the "Provisioning.Job" project? Where should I deploy it? I can't find any documentation on this part. It seems to be a normal Console Application.
  • Why are so many configuration files are redundant between the Job and AppWeb project (e.g. appSettings.config, provisioningSettings.config and Templates.config)?
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I noticed that the documentation only mentioned SP 2013 and not SharePoint 2016.

@Vesa Juvonen, is this tested with SharePoint 2016?