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Regarding the new short video posted by @Vesa Juvonen here:


I have a few questions:

1. Is there any official guidance in versioning numbers? I noticed in the video there was an update, but version numbers didnt change on the project.json or package.json.


What happens if I increase version numbers, do I have to do something different during deployment?


This post from Stefan Bauer seems really powerfull, but now sure if there an official guidance from Microsoft regarding this topic:


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Good questions @Deleted


  • There's no official guidance on the versioning numbers
  • Like shown in the video, it does not even matter for this specific scenario
  • Version numbers for solution package matter when you have feature framework definitions in the SPFx solution - so that you can see the "Upgrade" option in the UI at the site level
  • If your solution contains Feature Framework elements - you should increase the version and only way new version is reflected is by explicitly upgrading solution at the site level

That hopefully covers it. Feel free to ask additional questions as needed.