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I am new in sharepoint I tried to start a web part spfx  and I want to have a hello world for first job

but after I draged my solution <helloworld-webpart.sppkg> in app catalog area. I can't use this app and I got this error:

Sorry, apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server, tell them to enable apps

Can anybody help me what is wrong?

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It sounds like you are using SharePoint 2019? The error could be several issues. This article walks through several possible solutions.

If this helps, please consider marking this as the accepted answer. Good luck!

@Don Kirkham 


Thanks for you reply, I saw this article befoe. I tried to follow the article
The article first subject was correct it was enabled.

The second theme of the first part was correct.

When I tried to paste the command in sharepoint2019shell, I got the following error, I didn't know what else to do if you can help me

spfx error-10-26-21.png

thanks a lot


Looks like the article put two commands together by mistake. Split the commands into the following:


$sa = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication -ApplicationPool 'SharePoint Web Services Default' -Name 'Subscriptions Settings Service Application' -DatabaseName 'Subscription'


New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication $sa 


That should get you through the next step. Good Luck

@Don Kirkham 


Thanks again for your reply. I tried your guide  unfortunately I got this error in both commands 


error spfx 2.png

I have a question is it posible  to use spfx in sharepoint 2019 on premise? because most tutorials I saw there were about sharepoint online?


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