Retaining CreatedBy,ModifiedBy in SPO Doc.Lib Items using JSOM/REST API -migration from SP2010


am having my SPO site created for the purpose of migration of  documents, contents from SP 2010 site. on the SP 2010  site there are 100+ files, document libraries that needs to be migrated.

  Unfortunately in my current environment i don't have access to visual studio and SP Designer in my Development environment. Customer declined to give go-ahead for installation of these Dev-Tools :(


Till now I am using some JSOM code and SPServices code to manipulate the list and document libraries' in my SPO env.

I manually migrated few document libraries from SP 2010 to SPO -O365. But the requirement is, customer wants to maintain the created by and modified date to be the same in my SPO env.

How to achieve this ? If we use the manual process of moving documents, the metadata- created by and modified date would be converted into my name and today's date.

Is there anyway, using JSOM+REST API/content editor WP code / any other utility tools, I can retain the created by and modified date in my new SPO site  

help is appreciated!

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