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Hello again everyone! I am now 4 weeks into learning how to do SharePoint dev and moving along well. Thanks to all the questions that have already been answered here.


Here is one i have not seen. I have a custom display template and hover over template. I have made many good changes to the look feel, but I need to display the checked out user.


So if the item is checked out it should show ideally both the green box that shows in the library or at the very least the users name who has the item checked out.


I do not see a way to add this as a managed property as I have done that with several of my custom fields and that worked great. 


So what I am asking is this something I can display or get to display in the results?

I want it to look something like this:


checked out to.png


Again thank you in advance!

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As far as I know it is not possible to see checked out documents with Search. 

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It is possible to see checked out documents with Search. A Crawled Property ows_CheckoutUser exists which you can use in your query and Display Template to achieve your results.


The blog below describes part of the approach.


After the steps described in the blog you should take additional steps to modify the Display Template for the search results in order to display the name of the user in your search result...


Hope this helps!