Restrict file type upload to PDF on SharePoint Online Library

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I have a customer who needs to have a site collection open to the public that restricts the file types they can upload to PDF. Open to custom code or 3rd party tool solutions. Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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You could restrict document library to pdf file type using flow. Setup content approval on the document library and reject any file types other than pdf.

So by public you mean unauthenticated open internet? If so SharePoint can't be your solution here. So need a little more info on what this public site collection will be, just a file upload tool? or is this supposed to be a page like site with information etc. AND a place to upload files.

Curious to know why not SharePoint? we can create Anonymous site SharePoint on-premise system. 

Microsoft used to provide a public site option for SharePoint Online, but they removed it sometime back.
@Deleted, Yes you are absolutely right and we all know about it. i'm suggesting sharepoint on-premise platform for Anonymous site
oooo, sorry, thought this was for SPO.

Thank you for this. I was hoping for something automated, but I think that will be too much customization for SPO. This is good reference though.

It is for SPO and I have it set to anon access. Question was mostly revolving around the restricting file type, but I appreciate your response