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I need to retrieve items with Title repeated twice or more. Can we do it with a REST query?

Next url give me all the items, but I need to filter items with occurence 1'mylist')/items?$select=Title&$filter=year%20eq%202017&sortlist=%27Title:descending%27 

Thank you!

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Hi @Pieter Veenstra,

My result should retrieve several hundred of items. But the fact is I receive only the first 100 items. Perhaps this behaviour is because my default view shows 100 items. Does this behaviour have sense? Or perhaps I'm understanding something wrong....

My goal is detect repeated items, so I thought about retrieve only the items repeated 1 or more time. But I have to obtain them just after my ajax call, not working with them in an array, because my array populates only with 100 items by call

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The 100 items is a way to protect your system. you can overrise this by using $top like this:

  'Books')/items?$select=Title&$filter=Author eq 'Mark Twain'&$top=2
$top is fine. I can retrieve all the items and then work with them. Thank you!