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Is there a way to get or construct a Sharepoint folder sync link (for OneDrive for Business) using the REST API?
I have the requirement to implement a sync button to a application in order to remove the need for users to visit the Sharepoint Online site folder to enable OneDrive sync.
I looked all over but couldn't find any information on how the sync request works

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Could Known Folder Move be an option for this scenario?

Unforturnatly, no.


Some additional background:

We are working with client related documents and the document library has a document set for each of the clients

The requirement is for a CRM system at a non-profit organization, the issue is that they have a network of volunteers who are mostly not very computer literate. Therefore, I want to add a OneDrive sync button to avoid the need for them to interact with the SharePoint UI.

best response confirmed by Stefan Szynaka (Copper Contributor)

after hours of hunting and following breadcrumbs I got it working.


the follwing URL has to be called in the browser to launch the OneDrive sync dialog:

    scope=OPENFOLDER                                                    = static
    &siteId=4d19e34e-9b05-xxxx-bb52-0cad8778ea21                        = static value/config - Site GUID -_vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery or
    &webId=44b26a7c-8d22-xxxx-a337-5185e2e55d8f                         = static value/config - Web GUID - _vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery
    &webTitle=OneDrive Sync button test                                 = static value/config - Teamsite title
    &listId=%7B5274FD7E-97AC-xxxx-8645-FC5410F89E27%7D                  = static value/config - _vti_bin/client.svc/ProcessQuery or Value can be found in the Sharepoint folder webpage url - &List key
    &listTitle=Prototype                                                = Document library title
    &userEmail=stefan%40xxxx                                            = user email
    &listTemplateTypeId=101                                             = static value/config - /_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('<list name>')/BaseTemplate
    &          = full site url
    &webLogoUrl=%2Fsites%2Fweb%2FSiteAssets%2Fspo-shared-data.png       = website logo - can be empty
    &webTemplate=68                                                     = static value/config - /_api/web/GetAvailableWebTemplates(1033)/getbyname('SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0')";                                                        
    &isSiteAdmin=1                                                      = 1 : yes / 0: no                                            
    &folderId=cbab51b9-fa01-xxxx-b324-ad52ff28deaf                      = folder Unique ID - /_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('{relative folder path}')"
    &folderName=TestFolder                                              = folder name
    &folderUrl=%2Fsites%2Fweb%2FPrototype                               = relative folder path -

To get the values for the site, web & folder ID, you have to issue a call to the


endpoint. I've attached a file with the XML payload for this call

@Stefan Szynaka you saved my days. tons of thanks, works like charm