REST-API List items behaviour differs depending on page

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Hello everyone,

I have a strange behaviour of a list and I try to explain it as short as possible:

I have a list on two different pages, to show that lists are available I add the REST-api call for the list:


Please note manual entries are possible and Items of list are shown!

I want to access the listitems via rest-api, so i just added /items to both lists, but there is a different behaviour in the answer, please see the fallowing screenshot:


Note: the difference is only the yellow marked /items but results exists on the first page (developing system) but not on the second one(productive system) Items are available in both lists. Could someone tell me what's going wrong? I never had a problem like that - I thought deleting list and add it new could solve the problem, maybe due to a problem while initilasing, but the problem is still available (list is created via pnp powershell)


I thought this is the wrong place to ask, because it seems for me a question for the Microsoft support, but they forced me to ask at this place(Ticket was open in Microsoft support).

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