Replace poorly designed Workflow( needs delay/onhold) with azure queue /Power app /flow

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We have a nintex workflow on sharepoint online,This workflow is used for employee time management, so for every employee at start of his shift a workflow starts running and it loops through employee information and checks compliance conditions and send perodic notifications to each employee.


Problem : 

It is poorly designed, Workflow runs when each employee starts its shift and then there is lot of looping , hold/delay option used to send notification every hour based on the condition is either met or not met. What it does is when that same thing is done for each employee it loops more than 5000 items and so many delay tasks and multiple threads which causes the workflow to break.


This operation requires hourly notification and check complaince. Now i am thinking to provide suggestion to redesign this workflow. So was trying to explore other options which we can use.

Would it be better to do this task from a webjob with azure queue to place data on the queue and pick after every one hour for each employee would this be the right way to do this kind of task. any example would be helpful.


Power app/flow do they have some new feature to do this more effectively. I am open to other options also Please suggest




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