Remote receivers debugging using azure service bus does not work

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I have been developing a provider hosted add in based on the PnP Core.EventReceivers add in project. It uses remote event receivers both on list level and security group level. A couple of months ago I had the project up and running and was able to debug via the Azure Service Bus. I published it to several sites on SharePoint Online, and I does what it is supposed to. 


Now when I picked things up again and wanted to make some changes I am no longer able to debug. I am even having some trouble installing it. But for the most part installation works fine. It looks like the Service Bus i hooked up:


Successfully installed app for SharePoint.
Services/AppEventReceiver.svc has been registered on Windows Azure Service Bus successfully.
Services/AppEventReceiver.svc has been registered on Windows Azure Service Bus successfully.


But I get the "No symbols have been loaded" message in Visual Studio.


The add in is running with Tenant permissions set to Full Control.


What am I missing?

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In Azure dashboard , in the Application settings for your RER have you definitely enabled remote debugging?

I am not sure of what you mean by Azure Dashboard, but the SharePoint Add in project properties under the SharePoint tab I have the "Enable debugging via Microsoft Azure Service Bus" enabled. And I have specified the endpoint that I have created using ACS on the old Azure portal. Am I missing some other setting in the Azure dashboard?
I actually downloaded the Core.EventReciever project from Github again today and ran it on my SharePoint Online Developer site. I did the required config changes and ran the project in debug from Visual Studio. And debugging worked as expected. I then retracted and ran it again in debug. This time debugging did not work. Is there a version problem or uninstall problem?

In the Old Azure dashboard, under the Configure page for your RER, confirm Remote Debugging is enabled.