Regarding SPFX development issue

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Hi there,


my sharepoint is 2019 on premise NOT sharepoint online. after run the command "yo @microsoft/sharepoint", I choose 2019 on premise and cloud.


I attempt to test SPFX function following the MSFT article step by step:


I alter some configuration for my environment like:


  1. serveConfigurations in serve.json : change pageUrl and point to my URL of document library
  2. ClientSideInstance.xml and Elements.xml in sharepoint\assets : Change ListTemplateId ="100" to "101" due to I need to add this feature to my document library


After publishing and testing, I cannot find out what's difference. all button is the same... It should be there is button will be shown up following MSFT article.


does anyone have any idea on it?










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I think there is something went wrong while choosing the version. SP 2019 supports generator version 1.4.1 and it doesn't include extensions. So please verify your dev environment and the versions of the module in the package.json file.

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-Sudharsan K...

@Sudharsan K 

Thanks ... I have solved the issue. It's not version issue. when we test this, the "loaded debug scripts" need to be performed. anyway I solved the issue. thanks

Can you please guide me how you resolved issue in my hello word extension \temp\manifestsFiles.js .map is not loading while debugging.



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