Recommendation for course -move from sp_admin to be sp_dev

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Hello All


I want to move from SharePoint administration to SharePoint development. I have basic knowledge of HTML , CSS, and javascript.

I want to learn how to customize SharePoint 2016 form using javascript not using another library since I am fresh in javascript.

I want to start but I can not find a course.

I find this course useful but it does not contain another part.

I am taking this course now .

Can you please give a recommendation for a course- any tips or advice is highly appreciated.


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Hi, that's a gud move. Try which is free for this month because of COVID situation. The site has tons of videos published by MVP's. One advice is do not try anything from scratch wasting your time, try to check whether anyone has already done it or not. If it is available, then make use of it.

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-Sudharsan K...

@Sudharsan K

I can not find one.

I need a course that gives me knowledge of how to use javascript for :

for example:

*validate user input 

*hide /show fields depend on user input.

*get/set SharePoint form fields values.

*how to pre-populate fields, hide or disable tabs

In general how to start using Javascript in SharePoint.