Ready to use Azure App for Selling SharePoint Apps through Microsoft Store


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


is there a ready to use Azure App for Selling SharePoint Apps through Microsoft Store?


In case not, can somebody create one and offer it in Azure?


By all respect I think that the current way of selling SharePoint apps through Microsoft Partner Center portal is too complicated.


Thank you very much.


With best regards

Ladislav Stupak

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According the site “Register a SaaS application”

According the part “Register an Azure AD-secured app”

Each SaaS offer must have own application for registration.

In the part “Get the token with an HTTP POST” in the site, where you acquire access token through the POST request to the site*{tenantId}*/oauth2/token

ensure that the body is written in exact this format:


This registration application for the concrete SaaS offer must be encapsulated in Azure Login functionality.

Here is a very good example how to create such app in React:

Around this site are also examples which use other technologies.