React Multipage sample query and surfacing forms with the SharePoint Framework

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I looking to build a set of of  imput forms  for a client that sort of mimics  a Master-Detail type user experience.  If I can't manage the Master-Detail, the minimum is to pass date between pages.  so having  cloned the Spfx-samples repo, I'm  looking at the React samples that are close to what I need to acheive. Taking the React Multipage sample.


In the ReadMe it has the following text:


"- from the **./temp** directory create a copy of the **workbench.html** file and rename it to **workbench.aspx**
- in the **workbench.aspx** file change the value of the **webAbsoluteUrl** property to the absolute URL of your SharePoint site
- upload the **workbench.aspx** file to a document library in your site"


1)  why do we need this step given I have step a (live) MS Teams test site for my testers and so I have 

2) In the renamed Workbench.html->Workbench.aspx there isn't a a WebApsoluteUrl property as viewed in VS Code.  All the src properties point to LocalHost.


Finally, If want to deploy and test to an external dev tenant (_workbench.aspx). Is there a way to ensure Gulp serves the latest build to this without needed the upload my web parts to app catalogue?




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