"See all" link on modern List web part nis not navigating to custom list view


Hey all,

I am using the List web part on a modern SharePoint page to display a custom view of my original list that displays items based on the current user. i.e. I am filtering by [Me] on this specific view. 


The List web part displays this data fine, however, when the user clicks the "See All" link to the top left, they are being redirected to the full list of all employee data.


Is there some way or alternative method to redirect the user to the filtered view instead?


I have thought of building out a web part using SPFx and React to display the filtered view so that users won't have the "See All" link. However, this eliminates the functionality of allowing the user to delete list items that the list web part already offers.... 


I am open to any alternative means to achieving this. Thank you!

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@Yarrah , One easy solution would be the set the filtered by [Me] view to be the default view on the list. But maybe you don't want this... Also, you could hide the "See All" link using the modern script editor ( but I would consider this as a patch...

Hey @Martin Coupal ,


Thank you for such a simple suggestion! I went ahead and set the default view to the one with the filtered [Me] data, and then I added and set a link in the left side navigation as the view with "All Items".


Thank you for your idea! Guess I just needed another head on this :)

The filtered by [Me] is not a security option though especially if you have confidential data in your lists. To me, a user can still click the dropdown by the filter name and choose All items. Have you found a way to disable the filter or at least not let the users see other options there if they click it, especially if there is sensitive data in the list.