Question about the SharePoint Color Palette Tool

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Hello, I am the Installation Software License Manager for Joint Base San Antonio.  I have a question about the SharePoint Color Palette Tool.  We have a request to approve the installation of 9 copies of SharePoint Designer 2013, which is no problem because it is certified for use on the Air Force networks.  However, they also want to install the SharePoint Color Palette Tool with it.  I cannot find a certification for that Tool on any of our approved software lists.  I was wondering if it is possibly nothing but a plug-in which would not even work as a standalone software product without SharePoint being installed or what?


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Sharepoint color palette  is a great little tool which would help create very detailed custom themes for your Sharepoint Designs.  As long as below system requirements are met the tool can be installed anywhere and no it doesn't require sharepoint to be installed.


Supported Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    .NET Framework 4.5

Thank you for your reply SPO Admin.


So if it can be installed without even having SharePoint Designer installed then do you know if it has been certified for use on the Air Force Network or not?

Sorry i don't have an idea.