Question about libraries and lists - Custom image and custom column

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Question 1: custom column not showing up:

I have a list which contains some custom columns. In a page I am using a CQWP to get info from the list and I need to filter the result based on one of these custom column. The problem is that the custom column I need doesn't show up in the field list that I can use to filter by. 

The other custom column appears (a choice column) but the one I need (single line) doesn't appear. I created the column as site column. What is happening? 


Question 2: custom image in library modern view:

I was asked to upload some files from an audio book to SharePoint. I choose the assets library to hold the files and I would like to use the book cover image instead of the standad folder image that SharePoint uses for libraries. How can I do that? Is there Another way to save audio books in SharePoint (an app)? I tested Stream but that is only for videos. 


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Well, I found the reason why my custom list didn't appears in the filter section of the CQWP. 

I seems like the filter only takes multi values columns. I changed the type from single line to choices and it appears in the filter. 


So, I have just on question left and is the one about the custom image in the library icon 


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Thanks for the answer 

But I believe that is not possible in modern design. May I forgot to say that it is a communication site and there are not script editors in the communication site. 

It would be possible by writing an extension the problem is not just one library but several and more to come. 

I am afraid that there is no way to customize the folder icon yet!


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You could use this for script editor webpart


also you could try using powershell to update multiple libraries at once.