Provider-hosted addin published on SharePoint Modern Page.

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I start developing Addins for SharePoint Online. I imported files to Azure WebApp and .app file to SharePoint development page. When I start an app from SIte Content it opens full width and full height app without Sharepoint navigation elements and site logo with "Working on it" applet.


But I would like to show this app to user insted of any webpart on Sharepoint Modern Page. I want just leave navigation and SharePoint options. 

2020-06-20 08_36_49-Skrzynka odbiorcza — - Outlook.png

Is this possible? What do I need to implement to achove this? Maybe there is some WebPart which shows a provider-hosted app?

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If my memory serves well, you cannot add Provider-Hosted Add-ins to modern SPO pages....might I ask why you are not developing your app using SPFx?

I need to connect my SPO app to Dynamics 365 BC that is why I used C# and .NET.