Programmatically deploy Custom Sharepoint framework Webpart to sharepoint online


Hi good day,


Is there a way I can programmatically deploy a custom sharepoint webpart  to sharepoint online? Maybe using CSOM in C#? Thanks for you usual help



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I probably just need a way to use C# to upload the package .sppkg. Is that possible? If yes how do I do it?

Please take a look at PNP what it can provide already

Are there any updates on this?  It seems like you can more or less easily upload items to the app catalog.  However, how does one accomplish the "deploy" action that occurs via pop-up on the UI?


Likewise how are new "app" instances created on child sites?



are there any updates on this issue?

I have my gulp commands to create a package for my custom webpart, but i'd like to take it further and deploy it using a script or similar (without always having to manually upload the app to the AppCatalog).

All the "webpart deployment documentations" end up with explaining how to manually upload the webpart...


Did someone find a way to upload the .sspkg using a script?


Thanks in advance, any hint is very appreciated! :)