problem with the link after create the first site collection

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Hello to everybody


I m new to SharePoint technology, and I try to learn SharePoint 2010 (ok I know it is old but I have it from MSDN subscription)


After I install and setup my first SharePoint farm with the wizard, I build my first site collection.

In Central Administration panel I have two Web Applications.

Name                                                                URL                                       Port

- SP2010                                                     http://sp2010/                  80

- SharePoint Central Administration v4      http://sp2010:80/              80


Then I create a site collection, and I select /sites/ from the dropdown menu and enter intranet in the blank field to the right of the drop-down (Web Site Address section from Central Administration>Create Site Collection.


OK the problem is after that, when I try to create a team site the server always show me at the textbox of URL name this option:

http://SP2010:80/             and not            http://SP2010/sites/intranet/

Did I miss something ?


Thank you for your time

Bill Sams



If this problem was written again by other user please send me the link to read it

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Did you change the Web Application to select the right one? See this article: