Problem on JSON formating with a connected field of a lookup Column

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In my List A I have a lookup column "CODE PROJET" and one connected lookup column "FIN RECONDCT" in date format both coming from an other SharePoint list B.


On a field of the A List I try to do a JSON column formating with a test on "FIN RECONDCT" coming from B. I get fine the value of "CODE PROJET" doing [$CODE_x0020_PROJET.lookupValue] but I never get the value of the connected field "FIN RECONDCT" I tried different solutions. But whatever name I use to get the value, I get no error (in debug mode) and no value. I tried all these =] [$FIN_x0020_RECONDCT.lookupValue] [$CODE_x0020_PROJET:FIN_x0020_RECONDCT.lookupValue] [$CODE_x0020_PROJET.FIN_x0020_RECONDCT.lookupValue] [$CODE_x0020_PROJET:$FIN_x0020_RECONDCT.lookupValue] [$CODE_x0020_PROJET.$FIN_x0020_RECONDCT.lookupValue]

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