Possible enhancements for Send-PnPMail

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Tried to post this yesterday but for some reason it didn't seem to take.  While I have been away at other tasks, it appears that many new cmdlets have appeared and this is wonderful.  I see that an email command to simplify SMTP notifications is now available, and I have two comments/requests:


1. It would be good if the cmdlet could take a label for a locally stored set of credentials in the Windows Credential Manager (similar to Connect-PnPOnline) so that I would not have to put my credential information (or credential information for a service account) in clear text inside my scripts.


2. Also welcome would be the ability to add attachments to the emails being sent.  For example, I have a script that will run unattended and generate reports every night.  It would be great to add those reports as attachments to an email so that I could send it to the relevant individual and have the reports sitting in their inbox when they come to work in the morning.


Thanks for listening!

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