Pnp-sites-core upload file with custom modified and created field

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When using the Pnp-Powershell Add-PnpFile cmdlet, we can upload a file and alter the Created or Modified field at the same time. 


e.g. I can change the Modified field on the uploaded file
PS:> Add-PnPFile -Path .\sample.doc -Folder "Shared Documents" -Values @{Modified="1/1/2016"}


I would like to know are there equivalent code in Pnp-sites-core component?

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The PowerShell Cmdlet uses the following code:


Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File file;
            if (ParameterSetName == "AsFile")

                file = folder.UploadFile(FileName, Path, true);
            else {
                file = folder.UploadFile(FileName, Stream, true);

            if (Values != null)
                var item = file.ListItemAllFields;

                foreach (var key in Values.Keys)
                    item[key as string] = Values[key];



So you could use the same.

Thanks, just wanna know if pnp-sites-core have handy extension doing the same thing with fewer line of code...

AFAIK, there isn't any.