PnP Remote Provisioning Engine Failed - Repost Page Content Type

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On May 18 our PnP remote provisioning engine script began failing in our SharePoint online production (as did several others) environment.  The root cause for failure was a change to the Repost Page content type in SharePoint online.


Other than the two references above, I haven't seen anything about this in any of the PnP Remote Provisioning web pages and documentation or PnP quarterly updates (maybe I'm looking in the wrong places).


This failure in our PnP Remote Provisioning Engine script caused major disruption for our client and was totally unexpected. I'm trying to understand (I'm not a developer; I am the BA on the project) how we can avoid having something like this happen again. Can we modify our existing script in some way? Hoping someone close to this project can help with some solid guidance.  









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