PnP ProvisioningTemplate Localization when using XMLSharePointTemplateProvider

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Is it possible to localize provisioning templates with resx-file when XMLSharePointTemplateProvider is used? 



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According to the following blog by @Erwin van Hunen it should be:


"If you use your own coded solution the engine will retrieve the resource files from the FileConnector you specified"

Oh, half of my original message was cut off. 

My purpose to ask was that is it possible to just upload those resx-files to same document library with templates?

I just looked through PnP Core code and noticed that resource files are referenced as by file name and those should be located at same location where my application is running. Am I correct?

When instantiating your XMLSharePointTemplateProvider you also specify a container. Based on what you specify here a FileConnector (SharePointConnector) is instantiated under the hood pointing to the location specified by the container. If I understand Erwin's blog correctly, the location this FileConnector is pointing to is where your resx files should be located.


Hope this helps