PNP Provisioning operations are very slow for SharePoint Online Classic site

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We are facing following issue in provisioning SharePoint Online site through PNP.

Currently, a site is being provisioning in O365 tenant (US) through PNP Provisioning code, adding Add-ins and applying customization etc.


The time required to provision sites is quite variable. Sometimes, it is done in 2-3 minutes during off time period while it takes around 15 minutes during US business hours.


 However, The usual process takes around 35/40 minutes as mentioned follows ( which should have been finished within 5/10 minutes :(
  1. SharePoint Online Site creation - 7-10  minutes
  2. Add ins + template customization ( Root Site ) - 5/10 minutes
  3. Branding customization ( Root Site ) - 1-2 minutes
  4. Sub site creation - 1/2 minutes
  5. Add ins + Template Customization ( Subsite ) - 5/10 minutes
  6. Branding customization ( Sub site ) - 1/2 minutes


Has anyone in the past faced such a situation? Is there any best practices to follow to avoid longer time period for the deployment ? Or it could  be related O365 tenant configuration ?


Any help will be highly appreciated, Thank you in advance !


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Hello, I'm also having this issue with template provisioning, is taking too much time to complete (90 minutes).


I posted a question about this in Stack Exchange.

Also, it seems somebody also had this issue and published a post on the GitHub project.

It seems that installing the program that uses CSOM in the Azure service with the correct resources allows the program to run faster, although I do not know why this happens, and why installing the program in a server has not the same results. 


Did you manage to find a solution for this issue?