PNP Provisioning: Issue Scheduled Job keeps running till time out

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we have difficulties with the scheduled web job. When we start the job, the jobs runs and in the log file we see it ends. But the job itseld keeps running untill time out of the job as configured in the web app settings.


Did anyone else had this issue and knows how to solve it?


Thanks in advance




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Would need some more info on your solution. is it CSOM or Powershell? on premm or online provisioning etc.


it is CSOM. The web job is hosted on an Azure Web app and provisions sites for SharePoint Online. The jobs provisions the sites in the queue, but it seems not to stop running once it has finished its actions.


In the log file I can see:


[01/20/2017 12:26:37 > cdca22: INFO]
[01/20/2017 12:26:37 > cdca22: INFO] Ending job


But when I look at the state of the job it keeps 'running' and after a while it wil abort because of the web job time out settings defined ine the web app's app settings.


Thanks in advance!