PnP: Provisioning.Framework.Console error with User field


While running the Provisioning.Framework.Console sample, I encountered an error with a SiteField of type User.


The sample created the template with the List attribute pointing to "UserInfo":

<Field Type="User" DisplayName="Sales Person" List="UserInfo" Required="TRUE" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" ShowField="ImnName" UserSelectionMode="PeopleOnly" UserSelectionScope="0" Group="Custom" ID="{bbd75b76-a9e1-4417-93cb-039554853e9c}" SourceID="{a4ae28f2-eaa4-4350-8f29-c67ba3013677}" StaticName="SalesPerson" Name="SalesPerson" />

When applying the template, the engine fails since the List attribute does not represent a list id (GUID) nor the relative URL of the list's root folder. (The User Info list is at "_catalogs/users").


My questions:

1.) Does the issue get logged in the repo for the sample, or the engine?

2.) Since the lookup list for a field of type User is a known value, the engine could correctly process them. Would the fix go in the ExtractObject method or the ProvisionObjects method?


I am prepared to submit a PR along with the issue, I just want to get it in the correct place.

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