PnP Provisioning for community Site templete using PowerShell

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Hi Team 


I have used PnP Provisioning for community Site templete using PowerShell.The source site is site collection and OOB community


There is no issue during the Get-SPOProvisioningTemplate CMD 


During Apply-SPOProvisioningTemplate  there was some issues 


1)  "Moderators" groups given the error , So delete group on source site, after the there is no issue on Apply-SPOProvisioningTemplate CMD.


2) After Provision,  if  click on  "Join me community" button in target site , the user add in member list , however if navigate to member page , getting web part permmission issue  on page 


Please help on this



With Regards



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If memory serves me correct there's some weird behaviour with the community template and this might be a bug. Would it be possible to log a bug in the issue list of the PnP-Sites-Core repository so that we can track this: