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I need to migrate a sitecollection to other sitecollection. I will use pnp provisioning  engine, but my question is... Can I copy the list items with this tool?



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Hi, The PNP provisioning engine does not include provisioning content. The only content it includes is the site collections welcome page. We use ShareGate for this sort of Site coll/web/list migration - though there are a number of other migration tools (metalogix, ave point, etc.) out there as well. Thanks Nigel
thank you so much.


You can set "includeItems" in the PnP Provisioning Engine configuration file.
Configuring the PnP Provisioning Engine | Microsoft Docs

    "persistAssetFiles": true,
    "handlers": [
    "lists": {
      "lists": [
          "title": "My Test List",
          "includeItems": true,
          "query": {
            "includeAttachments": true
    "pages": {
      "includeAllClientSidePages": true